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Here at Hartlepool Driveways we offer a range of resin and block paving solutions in and around the Easington area.  Our paving solutions  are of extremely high quality, offering a durable and long lasting solution for your outdoor area that will look great and last for many years to come.  We offer a wide range of styles and colours to suit the look and feel of your Easington home and outdoor spaces.

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Benefits of Resin Bound Surfaces

  • Reduced Flood Risk (Permeable)
  • Resistant To Weed Growth
  • Grippy, Anti-Slip Surface
  • UV Resistant (Colour Will Not Fade)
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Choice Of Aggregate Colours
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We Can Give You a Beautiful Resin Driveway In Easington
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Locations We Cover

Hartlepool, Peterlee, Hesleden, Easington, Shotton, Castle Eden, Wingate, Hutton Henry, Haswell and Surrounding Areas

Customers Reviews

Some Testimonials from our Easington Clients

The fitters especially Lee were really nice, approachable, courteous and simply got on with the job at hand. We are very happy with the outcome, beyond our expectations, it looks great and draws admirable comments from all & everyone that passes by.

Many thanks to Hartlepool Driveways
Trudie Loft, Easington
Well it’s been nearly 14 months since we had our drive done by Hartlepool Driveways so I’d like to update you so far. AMAZING after all that snow and all this rain it still looks amazing even though they told me so It wasn’t slippy the water just disappeared as soon as it came thanks again Lee well worth it.
Tanya Jones, Easington
Extremely pleased with my new resin driveway. Excellent communication with day to day updates of progress. All the guys, everyone involved, were hard working, friendly and accommodated a couple of requests I made with no hassle. I would defiantly recommend and thank you Hartlepool Driveways for your services.
Ken Williams, Easington

Our Services In Easington

We are Residential driveway specialists for the Hartlepool area. No job is Too Big or Too Small.  We are very Experienced driveway professionals.  Call Us On 0191 814 1233 and see how we can help you with all your driveway plans.  We can give you a superb new driveway, that will be  the envy of your neighbours.

Blocked paving has become very popular over recent years. The price of block paving has reduced due to mass production, but it is important to remember that block paving is just pigmented blocks of concrete and will fade and loose its original appearance over a short period of time.

Our naturally sourced stones are a mixture of aggregates including gravel, shingle, quartz and crushed granite. The stones can be angular or smooth and come in a variety of sizes, from 1mm to 5mm pieces. They are also available in an array of colours, either a single colour or a blend of colours. The result is amazing.

Resin bound surfacing is an amazing choice and provides a firm and stunning surface for driveways, pathways, terraces, car parks, courtyards and swimming pool surrounds etc. It is a beautiful choice for decorative areas, it has a smooth glossy look that can be produced in a hundreds of different colour combinations, effects and designs. We only use Premium Quality Resin Driveway materials.

We are your Local Resin Driveway Contractors and can handle all Types of Commercial Driveway work.  We have years of Experience in working with Commercial Clients.

Resin bound is a process where clear resin and aggregate are mixed together before being laid. The results is a smooth finish with no loose stones. Resin bonded is when clear resin is laid first, then the aggregate is scattered over the top, completely covering the resin. Once cured, any excess stones are swept away.   We only use Premium Quality Resin Driveway materials.

Yes, Resin bound surfacing can be laid over the top of existing or new concrete or tarmac to create stunningly beautiful drives, paths and car parks. It is permeable, containing tiny holes so that it allows any surface water to drain through, reducing the risk of flooding.

A Resin Bound surface requires superior materials and skilled manual installation by companies like Hartlepool Driveways Surfacing Experts.  It might cost slightly more than some other surfacing options, but the end result make this a worthwhile investment – and you will also have a weed-free drive.

Let Us Make Your Outside Beautiful
Hartlepool Driveways - Driveway Specialists

We offer driveway transformations in the Easington, offering a personal service, we are a  professional company and our fully trained and approved paving experts specialise in all aspects of driveways & paving, taking on both commercial and residential work. We pride ourselves on our amazing reputation in the Easington area and the complete satisfaction of our wonderful customers.

At Hartlepool Driveways we provide a great service that encompasses full supply and installation service of block paving drives and resin driveways.

Our extensive range of high quality resin bound materials have made so many customers happy with:

  • New Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Schools
  • Access Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Interior Applications

Our complete product range includes a wide variety of colour and texture options, with natural aggregates, marble and recycled materials.  Providing almost limitless design options for landscape architects, designers, developers and home owners making it equally suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Call Us On 0191 814 1233.

Hartlepool Driveways - You Can Trust Us In Easington

Resin bound driveways from Hartlepool Driveways are the most robust, resilient and long-lasting driveway product available today in the UK marketplace. And following an increase in commercial usage, homeowners are beginning to get more and more involved, and choose this amazingly robust material for their driveways. When it comes to choosing installers, it’s important to find a team like Hartlepool Driveways that are experienced, and come highly recommended. Whether it’s a basic overlay on an existing surface, or a full site excavation, Hartlepool Driveways has the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

As a Reliable, Resin Driveway Company, we complete all work ourselves, that means no subcontractors, and our resin surfaces are all laid to the Resin Manufacturer’s Specification.

With our resin bound system, we can transform your tired and damaged driveway and give your entire house a dramatic face lift. A Resin Bound Driveway from the Hartlepool Driveways in Easingtonwill help your home become the best in the street.

Our Resin Bound Drives minimise puddles, ice and growth of mould and weeds and due to the permeability, require very little maintenance. Hartlepool Driveways’s Resin Bound Driveways also do not require planning permission as they create a Sustainable Urban Drainage System [SUDs].

What are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?

SUDS are drainage solutions that provide a workable alternative to the direct channelling of surface water through man-made networks to nearby watercourses. 

By copying natural drainage regimes, SUDS aim to reduce flooding from surface water , improve water quality and enhance the amenity and biodiversity value of the environment. SUDs achieve this by lowering flow rates, increasing water storage capacity and reducing the transport of pollution to the water environment. 

The need for alternative drainage such as SUDs is likely to increase to meet environmental challenges such as climate change and population growth. Provision for SUDs and the national standards required for their design, construction, maintenance and operation is included in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to block paving, tarmac or concrete, a resin bound driveway is the right choice from us at Hartlepool Driveways.  Call us now on 0191 814 1233.

The Importance Of Using The Right Resin drive Products

A normal problem many people face when looking for installation company’s or tradesmen, is finding not only trustworthy companies but ones that also only use quality materials from certified suppliers. This is a major problem in the resin industry right now and seems that it will get worse before it can get better, the main problem is there are so many companies starting to install resin without researching and educating themselves on the right products and correct application. Some of these companies do a great job with the preparation and the resin at first looks great, it’s only later on up to 1 year when the ‘cracks’ in their work literally start to appear!  There is a lot of ‘dodgy’ installers out there who through bad installation just get it wrong! but there are just as many good integral installers who find their driveways failing due to substandard products for the finishing coat of resin. 

So Call Us on 0191 814 1233 and we can help you FAST.

It is a minefield for customers to find the right installer and can be a minefield for installers to find the right supplier! The problem is with resin suppliers that claim to be manufactures, they just simply buy in the raw materials, mix them up, pour them into containers, stick a label on them before selling out to the masses, these companies do a great marketing job and easy to see why installers get sucked in.

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